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  1. Prepare samples for DSC
  2. Run clay exchange described on 2012/09/26 using Fe3O4
  3. Rerun AA for CuSO4 solutions


Samples were prepared following the general protocol for DSC preparation described on 2012/9/07
DSC Sample Preparation

Sample Name Pan+lid mass(g) Mass sample(g)
PVOH 130,000+[H3PO4]+15%maleic acid0.049390.00281
PVOH 130,0000.04950.00283
PVOH 22,000+[HCl]0.04933
  • Note:DSC did not have the attached gas and was unable to be used. Prepared samples will be run and the data will be collected when next in the labaratory

Atomic Absorption

  • Solutions run were prepared on 2012/09/21
  • The General Protocol for AA described on 2012/10/05 was used

Atomic Absorption Data from AA wizard:

Cu ' ' ' '
ActionSample IDTrue Value (ppm)Conc. (ppm)Abs.
STDSTD 1 10.0054
STDSTD 2 50.0118
STDSTD 3 100.6531
STDSTD 4 201.0516
STDSTD 5 251.1173
STDSTD 6 301.1773
STDSTD 7 401.2726
STDSTD 8 501.3179
UNK17.4ppm NaMT 1min7.55510.3993
UNK210ppm NaMT 1 min10.96780.4959
UNK37.4ppm NaMT 5 min7.03930.3847
UNK410ppm NaMT 5 min10.66390.4873
UNK57.4ppm NaMt 10 min4.26960.3063
UNK610ppm NaMT 10min7.24780.3906
UNK77.4ppm Fe3O4 1min46.44021.5
UNK810ppm Fe3O4 1 min44.98831.4589
UNK97.4ppm Fe3O4 5min39.75981.3109
UNK1010ppm Fe3O4 5min43.95671.4297
UNK117.4ppm Fe3O4 10min39.8411.3132
UNK1210ppm Fe3O4 10min39.96471.3167
UNK137.4ppm CEC100% 1min11.19390.5023
UNK1410ppmCEC100% 1min16.52830.6533
UNK157.4ppm CEC100% 5min9.51230.4547
UNK1610ppm CEC100% 5min15.44730.6227
UNK177.4ppm CEC100% 10min8.41710.4237
UNK1810ppm CEC100% 10min15.77940.6321
UNK197.4ppm CEC 50% 1min10.51910.4832
UNK2010ppm CEC 50% 1min14.74430.6028
UNK217.4ppm CEC 50% 5min9.8020.4629
UNK2210ppm CEC 50% 5min15.34490.6198
UNK237.4ppm CEC 50% 10min10.44490.4811
UNK2410ppm CEC 50% 10min15.00570.6102

Calibration Curve

General Notes:

  • The standards used were too high of a concentration. Need to remake CuSO4 standards between 5-20ppm.
  • All Fe3O4 samples need to be reprepared and retested. Solutions were prepared with CuSO4 instead of deionized H2O. Concentrations were inaccurate and calibration curve created was inaccurate
  • AA needs to be run again

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