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  1. Finish running FTIR on remaining films.
  2. Finish running UV-vis on porphyrin and sulfate salt solutions(must reprepare various concentrations)


  • The general protocol for FTIR was followed

Films ran FTIR on:

  1. PVOH(22K) 1.0067g+1mL GA+1mL porphyrin crosslinked
  2. PVOH(22K)+0.5mL GA+0.104g NaMT crosslinked spun 10 min CuSO4 prepared 10/17/2012
  3. PVOH(22K)+0.5mLGA+0.99mL porphyrin(no color on film )crosslinked prepared 10/19/2012
  4. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA+100%CEC crosslinked prepared 10/4/2012
  5. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA+1mL porphyrin crosslinked prepared 10/24/2012
  6. PVOH(22K)+0.5mL GA+1mL porphyrin crosslinked prepared 10/24/2012 #2
  7. PVOH(22K)+0.5mLGA+1mL porphyrin prepared crosslinked 10/26/2012
  8. PVOH(22K)+0.8wt% GA+100%CEC crosslinked spun 10 min CuSO4 prepared 10/26/2012
  9. PVOH(22K)+0.8wt% GA+50% CEC crosslinked spun 10 min CuSO4 prepared 10/17/2012



  • Prepared new porphyrin and sulfate salt solutions for UV-vis
  • In all preparations HPLC grade H2O was used
  • 1.89μM porphyrine was added to 0.1mL, 0.2mL, 0.5mL or 1.0mL of salt
  • 10mM Al2(SO4)3, 10mM Fe2(SO4)3, 10mM Na2SO4 and 10mM of FeSO4 was for the solutions
  • Four new solutions(using different amounts of the wanted salt) were prepared for each salt(either Al2(SO4)3, Fe2(SO4)3, Na2SO4, and FeSO4) making a total of 16 new solutions prepared.

Solution preparation:

Porphyrine Al2(SO4)3 concentration Fe2(SO4)3 concentration FeSO4 concentration Na2SO4 concentration Volume of Water Added [mL]
1.89 µM1 mM1 mM1 mM1 mM9.9
1.89 µM2 mM2 mM2 mM2 mM9.8
1.89 µM5 mM5 mM5 mM5 mM9.5
1.89 µM10 mM10 mM10 mM10 mM9

UV-Vis spectra:




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