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  1. Standardize sodium bicarbonate solution
  2. Run UV-vis on porphyrin films
  3. Test swelling on all crosslinked glutaraldehyde films

UV-vis porhyrin films

General protocol for UV-vis on porphyrin films:

  1. Remove crosslinked porphyrin films from deionized H2O and pat dry using a paper towel
  2. Using a quartz cuvette as a guide, cut a strip of paper the same width as the quartz cuvette.
  3. Using the strip of paper as a guide and scissors(or a similar sharp instrument) carefully cut the porphyrin film the same width as the paper reference. When cutting the film, try and use a smooth portion of film.
  4. Measure the thickness of the film. This will be used as the pathlength.
  5. Using forceps, carefully place the cut strip of film in a clean quartz cuvette.
  6. Using a spatula, gently press the film against the cuvette.
  7. Carefully place the cuvette into the UV-vis.
  8. Measure following the general protocol for

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