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  • Remake hydrogels prepared on 2013/01/30 with dye added to the reaction mixture.
  • Finish preparation of hydrogels with PVOH MW 146,000-186,000.

Hydrogel preparation

  • The following hydrogels were prepared following the general protocol described on 2013/01/30. However, the necessary amount of dye was added to each sample prior to freezing using the prepared DMSO/dye stock solution.

Prepared Clay-PVA(MW 130,000) hydrogels ' ' ' '
Composition of hydrogel(ratio of PVA to clay)Amount of PVA added(g)Amount of clay added(g)Concencentration of DMSO/dye stock solution added(μM)Amount of DMSO/dye added(mL)
90:10 PVA:50% Bu3HdP-NaMT0.929660.0999920.0655
50:50 PVA:Bu3HdP-NaMT0.50610.50011650.0364
90:10 PVA:Lamponite0.91610.1004920.0655
50:50 PVA:Lamponite0.4990.50091650.0364
90:10 PVA:NaMT0.89910.1002920.0655
50:50 PVA:NaMT0.50070.49961650.0364
90:10 PVA:110% Lamponite0.90080.0999920.0655
50:50 PVA:110% Lamponite0.49981650.0364
90:10 PVA:110% NaMT0.89970.1005920.0655


  • In order to have a complete and even spread of dye, a glass stirring rod was used to mix the hydrogels.
  • Before addition of DMSO/dye, the hydrogels were allowed to cool slightly.
  • Hydrogels with NaMT added did not have as even of a distribution of dye. Upon addition, the dye seemed to sit on top of the hydrogel. Extra stirring was required for these hydrogels.

Clay Preparation

  • Surfactant clay exchanges were performed to create a 50% exchanged clay between sodium montmorillonite(NaMT) and Bu3HdP and 110% exchange between NaMT and Lamponite.
  • The general protocol for the preparation of 50% exchanged NaMT described on 2012/09/12 was followed.
  • For the preparation of 110% exchanged NaMT and 110% exchanged Lamponite please refer to Karlena Brown's lab notebook.

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