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(Pressure tests)
(Pressure tests)
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[[Image:Bent pipette pressure testing.png]]
[[Image:Bent pipette pressure testing.png]]
*'''Correction''': The x-axis should be labeled wavelength(nm). The image will be corrected.

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  1. Perform pressure tests on all prepared hydrogels using a bent pipette.
  2. Run fluorescence on the samples obtained from the pressure tests.

Pressure tests

  • Pressure tests were performed on all hydrogels prepared with Rhodamine 6G added.
  • After the sheer pressure test conducted on 2013/02/22, it was determined that a bent pipette and an unmodified pipette would be used to conduct the pressure tests. Each hydrogel will have at least two pressure tests conducted with the hydrogel: one with a bent pipette and the other with an unmodified pipette.
  • All pressure tests were conducted following the general protocol described on 2013/02/22.

Table 1. Pressure testing information for hydrogels using a bent pipette

Sample Order PVOH vs. Clay Ratio PVOH Type Clay Selection Amount of Hydrogel Used (g)
190:10146K110% CEC NaMT w/ DMHXLBR0.1084
350:50146K110% CEC NaMT0.1092
490:10130K110% CEC Laponite0.1050
750:50146K110% CEC Laponite0.1080
990:10130K110% CEC NaMT0.1011
1050:50130K110% CEC Laponite0.1036
1190:10130K110% CEC NaMT0.1011
1350:50130K50% CEC NaMT Bu3HdP+0.1052
1590:10130K50% CEC NaMT Bu3HdP+0.1145

Figure 1. Image of bent pipette used for pressure testing Image:Bent pipette 2 27 13.jpg
Figure 2. Fluorescence of all NaMT hydrogel ssmples Figure 3. Fluorescence of all Lamponite hydrogel samples Figure 4. Fluorescence of all hydrogel samples
Image:Bent pipette pressure testing.png

  • Correction: The x-axis should be labeled wavelength(nm). The image will be corrected.

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