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  • Protoporphyrin IX and Zinc acetate, day 1


Zinc acetate was added to protoporphyrin ix to place the metal in the middle of the protoporphyrin ix structure


  1. 10 ml of of DMF was added to a 50ml round bottom flask and was brought to boiling point on a heating mantle and under a condenser.
  2. After it started boiling, 0.1059g of protoporphyrin ix was added to the boiling DMF and it was allowed to completely dissolve for 20min while still boiling.
  3. After 20min, 0.0226g of zinc acetate was added to the solution and it was heated for 30min to allow the reaction take place.
  4. Then the flask was cooled in ice bath for 15min.
  5. 20ml of concentrated HCl was added to the solution and was placed in the ice bath for another 10min.
  6. The solution was filtered.
  7. No precipitate was formed on the filter paper.
  8. The solution was gathered again and was allowed to run under nitrogen gas pressure for 24 hours.
  9. The solution was filtered again and again no precipitate was formed on the filter paper.
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