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(Some fun science links)
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[ Replace all youtube comments with Richard Feynman quotes]
[ Replace all youtube comments with Richard Feynman quotes]
[ Best of the overly honest methods tweets]
[ Overly honest methods]

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Contact Info

Me, duh.
Me, duh.

I'm a second year microbiology grad student in the Barrick Lab, studying the evolution of microbial genomes. Specifically, I'm interested in the use of evolution to evolve a "minimal genome" for E. coli. I'm also interested in gene transfer agents (GTAs), they're really weird!

Before coming to Texas, I worked in the Kent Lab at UIUC and the Plant Microbe Interfaces group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Now I stick to research that doesn't require subjecting myself to poison ivy and mosquitoes.


  • 2009, BS, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Research interests

  1. Microbial Evolution
  2. Gene Transfer Agents
  3. Synthetic Biology

Some fun science links

Replace all youtube comments with Richard Feynman quotes

Overly honest methods


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