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Robocast biodegradable 3D scaffolds Main project page

Experiment 1

Aim – To dissolve PCL in chloroform and check for dissolving time, temperature

Materials – 0.235 g and 0.479g of PCL for 10 and 20% mixture respectively (Sigma Aldrich MW -70,000 to 90,000; 5g bottle) 0.235 ml of Chloroform HPLC grade

Method- The method was adopted from Mixtures of 10% PCL in chloroform were made by combining 0.235g of PCL with 0.235 ml of chloroform. Mixtures of 20% PCL in chloroform were made by combining 0.479 g of PCL with 0.235 ml of chloroform. The beakers were sealed with parafilm and the mixture was stirred for 25 minutes for complete dissolution of pellets using a magnetic stirrer at RT.

Results: The 20% mixture turned too viscous and stretchy for use in robocaster. Although the 10% mixture was a bit runny, it turned slightly more viscous when exposed to air, which might be a good consistency for robocasting.

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