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Note: incomplete lists here....

SAGA subunits, S. cerevisiae

Ada subunits gene size,chromosome,null p-type
Ada1 (aka HFI1, SUP110, SRM12, GAN1) [[1]] 1.467 kb/489 aa,
Chr. XVI, viable
Ada2 (aka SWI8) [[2]] 1.305 kb/434aa,
Chr. IV, viable
Ada3 (aka NGG1, SWI7) [[3]] 2.109 kb/702aa,
Chr. IV, viable
Gcn5 (aka ADA4, SWI9) [[4]] 1.32 kb/439aa,
Chr. VII, viable
Ada5 (aka SPT20) [[5]] 1.815 kb/604aa,
Chr. XV, viable
Spt subunits, gene size, chromosome, null p-type
Spt7 (aka GIT2) [[6]] 3.999 kb/1332aa,
Chr. II, viable
Spt20 (aka Ada5) [[7]] same as Ada5
1.815 kb/604aa, Chr. XV, viable
TAF subunits, cerevisiae </i> gene size, chromosome, null p-type
TAF5 (aka TAF90) [[8]] 2.397 kb/798aa, Chr. II, inviable
TAF6 (aka TAF60) [[9]] 1.551 kb/516aa, Chr. VII, inviable
TAF9 (aka TAF17) [[10]] 0.474 kb/157aa, Chr. XIII, inviable
TAF12 (aka TAF61, TAF68) [[11]] 1.620 kb/539aa, Chr. IV, inviable
Tra1 subunit gene size, chromosome, null p-type
Tra1 [[12]] 11.235 kb/3744aa, Chr. VIII, inviable
other subunits gene size, chromosome, null p-type
Sgf73 [[13]] 1.974 kb/657aa, Chr. VII , viable
Sgf29 [[14]] 0.779 kb/259aa, Chr. III, viable
Sgf11 [[15]] 0.3 kb/99aa, Chr.XVI, viable
Ubp8 [[16]] 1.416 kb/471aa, Chr. XIII, viable
Sus1 [[17]] gene with intron, Chr. II, viable

SWI/SNF subunits

SWI1, SWI2, SWI3, SNF5, SNF6, SNF11, SWP82, SWP73, SWP59, SWP61, and SWP29

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