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==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Paritosh Wattamwar (an artistic interpretation)]]
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Paritosh Wattamwar (an artistic interpretation)]]

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  • DLS
  • Glovebox
  • Fluorimeter
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Uv-Vis



Thomas Dziubla
Assistant Professor
Mat and Chem Engineering
University of Kentucky
177 F Paul Anderson Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0046

Contact Info

Paritosh Wattamwar (an artistic interpretation)
Paritosh Wattamwar (an artistic interpretation)

I am a graduate student in Dr. Dziubla's lab at University of Kentucky. I learned about OpenWetWare from friends, and I've joined because this my group website.


  • Currently doing my PhD in Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • 2006, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Research interests

  1. Polymers for drug delivery, Oxidative stress treatment


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  3. Mark Ptashne. A genetic switch. Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004. isbn:0879697164. [Book1]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

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