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19 September 2012

  • Procedure for 19 September 2012':

1. Amounts of Nickelous Sulfate and Protoporphyrin IX were measured out based on Stoichiometry (1). 2. 46 mg (44.2 mg) of Nickelous Sulfate and 100 mg (100.5 mg) Protoporphyrin IX were measured out on a balance. 3. 10 mL DMF is added to a 50 mL round-bottom flask with a 19/22 Opening (1) 4. The flask was placed on a heating pad with a 100 Volt Volt-ac with a stir bar under the presence of Nitrogen. 5. The DMF was brought to reflux under these conditions (1). 6. Once the DMF was in reflux, the protoporphyrin IX was added, and let reflux (1). 7. The Nickelous Sulfate was then added, and let reflux for 30 minutes (1). 8. The flask was then chilled in an ice bath for 15 minutes (1). 9. 100 mL of chilled water was then added, was left to chill for 10 minutes, and the precipitate is filtered using a Buchner funnel (1). 10. The filtered material was washed with water (1).

  • See Dr. Harting's notebook for the filtration results.

  • References:

1. Adler, Alan D. On the preparation of metalloporphyrins. Journal of Inorganic Nuclear Chemistry, Vol.32. 1970.

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