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Reaction of OPD and H2O2 in MeOH with Mb/Phosphate Catalyst

  • Objectives:
  • 1. Continue analysis of reaction between OPD and Hydrogen Peroxide with Mb catalyst in Phosphate buffer
  • 2. Lyopholize more solutions of Mb in buffer for reaction
  • Procedure:
  • 1. Same as 5/20, except with Phosphate buffer

  • Lyopholization of Mb in Buffers:
  • 1. 5 milligrams of Myoglobin and 490 milligrams of KCl were added to four tubes
  • 2. 20 mL of each buffer was added (pH 9 Tris; pH 7 Phosphate; pH 5 Acetate; pH 3 Citrate)
  • 3. The solutions were frozen in liquid nitrogen and lyopholized
  • Graphs:

  • Observations:

The data was not as consistent as 5/21/2013, especially in the 25°C and 35°C trials. The curves were also wider over the absorbance spectrum, more so than the previous reactions.

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