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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/PhosphateCatalyst in Acetone Suspension

We are going to run the same reaction as yesterday, but, the samples will be centrifuged before a spectrum is taken. Hopefully, the results will be more consistent than yesterday's.

We let the reaction run for 20 minute intervals, took a 1 mL sample, and centrifuged it for 1 minute at 13,200 rpm.



Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/Acetate Catalyst in Acetone Suspension


Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/Citrate Catalyst in Acetone Suspension

[[==Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb/Acetate Catalyst in Acetone Suspension==]]

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