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High power beam profiling

Today I discovered a new way to profile a beam at high power. I used a regular 1064nm mirror. The mirror gives a 99.99% reflection at 45 degrees. So I used the mirror in between CCD camera and the AOM at some angle less than 45. In this way transmission through the mirror can be controlled. its highest at 0 and lowest at 45. In between desired transmission can be achieved. I received a transmission of 99mW at 4.10W at the angle of roughly 15 degrees. I used the CCD with 3+3+2 OD filters. This setup does not distort the beam profile too much and it’s safe for the OD filters. We got some good pictures through this process; the link is presented below. Steve Koch 18:46, 1 April 2010 (EDT): Great idea! Very cool that you can adjust the power like that. And great that you discovered a good fix for the laser issue! See Anthony's page for more suggestions. Also, "gernal" is spelled wrong. Did you mean "general" or "journal?"

Go to the link for detail view: [1]

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