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(Resolution and maximum achievable spot size)
(Resolution and achievable spot size)
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===Resolution and achievable spot size===
===Resolution and achievable spot size===

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Water immersion objective details

WE are using Olympus UPLANSAPO (UIS 2) water immersion IR objective for DNA stretching and unzipping. The detail specifications of the objective can be found in the link:[1] Other specification are as follows;

Mag 60X
Wavelength 1064
NA 1.2
medium water
Max ray angle 64.5degrees
f # 26.5
Effective FL in water 1.5 to 1.6mm (distance between the focal spot and the exit aperture surface)
Entrance aperture diameter 8.5mm
Exit aperture diameter 6.6mm
Working distance .28mm
Cover glass correction .13 to .21 (we use .15)

Resolution and achievable spot size


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