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More ADA and AAS


  • Run AAS from Au/BSA solutions
  • Make starter culture media and expression culture media


  • For the Starter culture media and expression culture media, the same procedure from September 18
  • The samples of broth were made and autoclaved today. The antibiotic and the E.coli colony were also added into the starter culture media.


Starter Culture Media-- amount of LB added to each flask

  1. Flask 1: 25.0095g
  2. Flask 2: 25.0059g
  3. Flask 3: 25.009g
  4. Flask 4: 25.0008g

Expression Culture Media:

  1. Flask 1: .8744g
  2. Flask 2: .8775g
  3. Flask 3: .8745g
  4. Flask 4L .8749g

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