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ADA Kinetics and more


  • Run UV-Vis and AA on HRP/AuNPs samples
  • Adenosine Deaminase Kinetics Assay


  • For procedure and data regarding the UV-Vis and the AA of the HRP and gold nanoparticle solutions, please see either Melissa's notebook or Dhea's notebook.
  • The Adenosine Deaminase Kinetic assay was done by following the Assay Protocol
  1. The potassium Phosphate Buffer was actually sodium phosphate and was made at a pH of 7.4
    • We made 50mL of .05M sodium phosphate buffer

.05 x .05= .0025 moles .0025 moles x 268.07g/1mol = .6702g sodium phosphate in 50 mL H20. Actual amount = .6705. pH of 7.4 was achieve by adding roughly 3 drops of 12M HCl from a glass pasture pipette.

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