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Diego Ramallo



  • Cytoskeletal tension, Single-molecule methods
  • DNA replication, DNA repair and chromatin remodeling processes
  • Motor proteins
  • Science 2.0

More about me

  • I'm still working on updating this space but as I get more adjusted into my current lab and the OWW universe, I will contribute more for everyone to see. More to come.
  • Click on the link above:
    • To see useful stuff that I'm posting.
    • See some useful protocols.
    • I've been doing a lot of outreach recently, I hope to post more on that as well.
    • I have a few other ideas about how to best use OWW for my (and everyone who reads this page) benefit. I'll post on that soon as well.
    • To the right is a picture of me during my time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Good times.
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