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==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Reza Rezaei Javan]]
[[Image:RezaRezaeiJavan.jpg‎|thumb|right|Reza Rezaei Javan]]
*Reza Rezaei Javan
*Reza Rezaei Javan

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Contact Info

Reza Rezaei Javan
Reza Rezaei Javan

About Me

My name is Reza and I am a Biomedical Science student at University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. I learned about OpenWetWare from iGEM and a friend of mine from MIT. I am currently working with HIV and EMCV virus during my placement year in Université Paris Descartes, France. I am the founder of website (also known as

Why I Am Here

Bioscience is awesome! It’s fascinating and wondrous, and the good part is that there’s so much of it to explore! It is an instance injection of excitement and once you fell in love, you want the whole world to know.


  • 2014, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, University of Surrey

Research interests

  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  2. Structural Biology and Pathology of Viruses
  3. Synthetic Biology


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