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==Useful links==
==Useful links==
*[[|Introductory tutorial]]
*[[ Leadership Gene, The Stag Newspaper, issue 52]]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]

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Contact Info

Reza Rezaei Javan
Reza Rezaei Javan

About Me

My name is Reza and I am a Biomedical Science student at University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. I learned about OpenWetWare from iGEM and a friend of mine from MIT. I am currently working with HIV and EMCV virus during my placement year in Université Paris Descartes, France. I am the founder of website (also known as

Why Am I Here?

Bioscience is an instance injection of excitement and once you fell in love, you want the whole world to know.


  • 2014, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, University of Surrey

Research interests

  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  2. Structural Biology and Pathology of Viruses
  3. Synthetic Biology


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  3. Mark Ptashne. A genetic switch. Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2004. isbn:0879697164. [Book1]

Useful links

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