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Misc projects

Assorted ideas/notes

  • Hover notes thingy like Flickr (extension) - This would allow one to add notes to images without actually altering the original file.
  • Seamless layout that allows one to go from wiki to blog without too much graphic difference. Try not to make it look like the users are leaving OWW when reading a blog. (Ex: )

Organizing OWW

This is a list of steps that I consider essential to make OWW better organized and easier to use.

  • A new set of tutorials for new/recent users. These tutorials should be step-based and when possible accompanied by screencasts (videos).
  • Forms to kick-start pages. These forms can be implemented on a page-type basis. If creating a protocol page, the form would show fields for material, methods, notes, etc. These forms would only appear on first edit.
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