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Contact Info

Rob Smith
Rob Smith

I work in the Machine Learning Lab in the Computer Science Department at Brigham Young University. I am also an honorary member of the Prince lab at BYU, giving algorithmic insight on quantitation problems.


  • 2015 (expected), PhD, BYU, CS with emphasis in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • 2012, MS, BYU, CS
  • 2007, BS, University of MD, Baltimore County, CS

Research interests

My research focuses on computational mass spectrometry, a term I coined to refer to the algorithmic aspects of interpreting mass spectrometry data. Currently my focus is on algorithms for high throughput:

  1. Direct infusion (shotgun) lipidomics quantitation
  2. LC/MS lipidomics quantitation
  3. Proteomics quantitation
  4. Lipidomics / proteomics registration
  5. Lipidomics / proteomics case/control differentiation
  6. Lipid labelling


  1. Composition from Non-musical Inspiration Sources. Robert Smith, Aaron Dennis and Dan Ventura, International Conference on Computational Creativity 2012. [Automatic]
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