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==Interesting Articles==
==Interesting Articles==
*[ 06/13/07: Siderophore Drug Delivery ]
*[ 06/13/07: Siderophore Drug Delivery ]
*[ 06/20/07:Archeabacterial Phototaxis Review ]
*[ 06/20/07: Archeabacterial Phototaxis Review ]
*[ 06/27/07: Molecular Biology of Bacterial Bioluminescence'']
==Things I'm Working On==
==Things I'm Working On==

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Ranjan Khan

Ranjan is student at the University of Virginia working on the Virginia Genetically Engineered Machine (VGEM) Team. He is a second-year rodman scholar with double majors in biomedical engineering and neuroscience.


Interesting Articles

Things I'm Working On


Ranjan's email

Rpkhan 09:37, 11 June 2007 (EDT)

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