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====MSc level====
====MSc level====
* Medical Biochemistry [[MEDBIOCHEM| Course OWW Home]]
* Clinical Biochemistry [[MEDBIOCHEM| Course OWW Home]]
* Molecular Diagnosis [[MOLDIAG| Course OWW Home]]
* Molecular Diagnosis [[MOLDIAG| Course OWW Home]]
* Environmental and Food Microbiology [[MICRO| Course OWW Home]]
* Microbiology & Biotechnology [[MICRO| Course OWW Home]]
* Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolimics [[GPM| Course OWW Home]]
* Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolimics [[GPM| Course OWW Home]]
* Nutrition and Dietetics [[NUTRI| Course OWW Home]]
* Metabolism I & II [[NUTRI| Course OWW Home]]

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Contact Info

Ruben Fernandes

  • Instituto Politécnico do Porto
  • Ciências Químicas e das Biomoléculas - ESTSP
  • Engenharia Biomédica - ESEIG
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Editorial board member: Int J Pharm Biomed Sci, PharmaInterScience Publisher, London, UK


  • 2008, PhD in Biochemistry, Genetics and Immunology (Spain)
  • 2003, BSc in Biology, FCUP
  • 1997, BSc in Pathology, ESTSP
  • (Ongoing), MD Medicine, FMUP



  • Adjunct professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences
  • MSc Coordinator (MSc in Biochemical Technology) @ ESTSP-IPP
  • Department coordinator: Biomedical Engineering @ ESEIG-IPP

BSc level

MSc level


  • Principal researcher at Molecular Mechanisms of Disease group, Center of Environmental and Health Resarch, School of Allied Health Sciences (Porto, Portugal)
  • Researcher at Inflammation and Angiogenesis group, Center of Pharmacology and Chemical Pathology (U38-FCT), Faculty of Medicine (Porto, Portugal)

Research interests

  1. Human molecular genetics: obesity, diabetes and cancer
  2. Microbial molecular genetics: antimicrobial resistance

External links

  1. Página pessoal[1]

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