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==My Links==
==My Links==
* The [ class] I teach at the [ Science Honors Program] at Columbia University
* I taught the class [ class] at the [ Science Honors Program] at Columbia University.
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<!-- *[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
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Ryan T. Willett
Ryan T. Willett

I am a graduate student finishing up my PhD in the Laboratory of Lloyd Greene at Columbia University. I also teach the class Neurobiology of Development and Disease at the Science Honor Program at Columbia University. OpenWetWare caught my attention in a writeup on DIY, howebrew biology in New Scientist magazine.


Contact Info

  • Laboratory of Lloyd Greene
  • Columbia University - Department of Pharmacology, Center for Neurobiology and Behavior
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Contact Information


  • 2010 PhD, Columbia University (finishing)
  • 2002 BS, Brandeis University - Biology
  • 2002 BA, Brandeis University - Biochemistry
  • 2000 Harvard University Medical School. Summer Fellowship in the Laboratory of T Keith Blackwell at the Center for Blood Research (now the Immune Disease Institute)


  • Brian Hoffman Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies
  • Graduated with High Honors in Biology for the undergraduate thesis "Posttranscriptional Analysis of Circadian Rhythms" in the laboratory of Michael Rosbash


  • molecular biology
  • RNA/DNA/protein biochemistry
  • dissection and primary cell culture
  • animal surgery
  • pseudotype recombinant retrovirus production and purification
  • histology

Research interests

  1. Neural Development
  2. Stem cell biology
  3. Genetic Engineering / Gene Therapy
  4. Bioengineering
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Bioinformatics


Subhas C. Biswas1, Yi Zhang2, Grace Iyirhiaro, Ryan Willett, Yasmilde Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Sean P. Cregan, Ruth S. Slack, David S. Park and Lloyd A. Greene. SERTAD1 plays an essential role in developmental and pathological neuron death. (in revision)

Ryan T. Willett and Lloyd A. Greene. GATA2 is Required for Neural Migration and Differentiation in the Superior Colliculus Ryan T. Willett and Lloyd A. Greene (in preparation)

My Links

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