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(Useful links)
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==Useful links==
==Useful links==
*[ Sam's Website]
*[ Sam's Website]
*[ The Comprehensive R Archive Network]
*[ The Comprehensive R Archive Network]
*[ EScience News]
*[ EScience News]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]

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Contact Info

  • Samuel V. Scarpino
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • 1 University Station C0930
  • Section of Integrative Biology
  • Austin, TX USA
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I am a graduate student in Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour at the University of Texas at Austin. I work with Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers and Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick.


  • PhD Candidate, The University of Texas at Austin - Section of Integrative Biology: Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour
  • BSc, honors, in Biology Indiana University 2007

Research interests

  1. Population Genetics
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Sex Chromosome Evolution
  4. Sexual Selection


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Useful links

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