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(Template excel files (always download the current file))
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(Template excel files (always download the current file))
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[ IV injection of cells calculator]
[ IV injection of cells calculator]
[ Adenovirus infection in vitro calculator]

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  • M.Sc, Medical Sciences (Immunology), McMaster University, Hamilton, ON 2010-2012
  • B.Sc, Honors Cell & Molecular Biology, Concordia University, Montreal, QC 2005-2010
  • DEC, Natural Sciences, John Abbott College, Montreal, QC 2002-2004


Richards Lab Protocols

Molecular Techniques
Mammalian Cell Culture
Animal Work

Joyce Lab Protocols

Template excel files (always download the current file)

qPCR Template

ELISA template and quadratic formula (for use when equation is not linear)

Virus dose calculator

Cell differential counting template

BAL and Differential Template (Prism)

CT scanning template with example

Stimulating cells in vitro template

ELISA spiking template

Cell seeding calculator

IV injection of cells calculator

Adenovirus infection in vitro calculator


Protocols and general information

Useful links

Openwetware related

Technical guides

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