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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

About Me

  • I am a Bioengineering:Biotec student at University of California, San Diego Class of 2013
  • I have worked in the labs of Joseph Wang, Ratneshwar Lal, and Kun Zhang.
  • I am founder and president of the Triton Biomolecular Design Club at UCSD (2012-Present)
  • I strive to bring together a team of students, faculty and sponsors to implement a nanoscale machine and compete at International BIOMOD at Wyss, Harvard U.
  • I'm a little popular.
  • Personal Website


  1. UCSD BIOMOD 2012
  2. UCSD BIOMOD 2013

Research Interests

  1. DNA devices [Nanomechanical]
  2. paints for chromosome labeling (remember to insert website)


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