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<br>[ Home Page at Harvard Medical School]
<br>[ Home Page at Harvard Medical School]
<br>[ Network Network Profile]
<br>[ Nature Network Profile]

Current revision

Michael Strong
Postdoc in George Church's lab
Teaching Fellow, iGEM 2007
Harvard Medical School
New Research Building, Rm 232
strong [at]

Home Page at Harvard Medical School
Nature Network Profile

Past Presentations

Introduction to Synthetic Biology, 3/19/07 (powerpoint)
Brainstorming Overview and Experimental Strategies, 4/23/07 (powerpoint)
MIT Teach The Teachers (TTT) iGEM workshop 5/26/07 (video)

Harvard iGEM team 2007 WIKI
Harvard iGEM team overview page
iGEM 2007 Main Page

Photo Album of the 2007 Harvard iGEM team

iGem 2007 Student Interviews Video (9 mins): Videos produced by Leigh Stimolo, 2007.

iGem 2007 Teaching Fellow Interview Video (4 mins):

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