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SCOC Multiplex 1

  • SCOC multiplex diversity panel with labelled primers to send to frag! Woot!



  • used left-over gel from 13 June 2011
Load Run
2 µL gel load dye + 4 µL PCR product 160 V
6 µL ladder 1 hour

  • see 13 June 2011 for banding pattern expectations
  • a whole lotta nada  :(
  • very strong primer band indicates no amplification took place
  • might be a combination of:
    • having to make primer dilutions last-second
    • pipetting 0.8µL DNA
    • using the flat-top-no-skirt PCR plate that didn't fit into the thermal cycler (and thus doing full-reaction transfer to cycler-friendly PCR plate)
    • therefore taking a long time for PCR set-up

Next Step

  • re-do PCR, but have 8-well strip with 0.8*4 µL DNA plus Big MM, then transfer from Mini MM straight across into PCR plate
  • might also be worth doing a PCR similar to that from 13 June 2011 - uniplex of each primer pair, plus multiplex - to 'test' labeled primers
  • over night, test full-skirt PCR plate with flat-top 8-well strips to see how much evaporation occurs - this is how I plan to ship for frag
  • shit, now no matter how soon I can ship, it won't get to UAGC till Monday

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