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SCOC MP1 Frag Data

Diversity Panel Analysis

  • each sample was replicated 4 times ... shown is a representative from the replicates
  • Impressions:
    • ladder looks great!
    • some things worked
    • a bit of pull-up/bleed-through
    • variability between samples - yay!
  • Preliminary Scores:
    • HOL and LOM did not amplify
    • TP3 had an extraneous peak in the green lane - could possibly be Scun3









Multiplex Analysis

Lane Overlays

  • shows how all samples clump together
  • red circles indicate marker locations
    • blue lane bleeds through to green lane

  • zoom in on a particularly pretty sample (SCOC SYR2 X01 b)
  • trying to identify the markers:
    • going by color, the three markers that worked in this multiplex should be Scun2, Scun10 and Scun11
    • going by size, as compared to the gel from 23 June 2011, the three markers that worked in this multiplex should be Scun3, Scun11 and Scun15 (if the dyes got shifted)
  • here's the map from 14 June 2011:

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