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SCOC MP1 Batch 2 Plate 1&2 (re-do)

Fragment Analysis Submission

  • combined all PCR product into MP1-G plate (approximately 10µL MP1-B + 10µL MP1-G + 10µL MP1-Y)

  • UAGC Submission# XPTR & VMZX

  • FedEx picked up 2:41pm, 25 February
  • FedEx delivered 9:12am, 26 February
  • UAGC received 10:43am, 26 February
  • UAGC completed ____am, 27 February

SCOC MP2 Optimization

  • uniplex SW markers to see quality of peaks and range of alleles
  • multiplex SW markers as first glance of how multiplex behaves


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