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Tom Adie
Contact Info

Tom Adie
Imperial College London
Department of Biomedical Sciences
timpski (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm a biologist from Imperial College, having graduated in 2008. I was part of the Imperial '08 iGEM team, working mainly in the wet lab as well as designing and editing the wiki. We won our category (manufacturing) and received the award for 'Best Part' for our molecular clutch for B. subtilis. The wiki for our project can be found below under "Work & Publications".

I am currently doing an MRes in Synthetic Biology at Imperial, and hope to continue on in the field to do a PhD. Some of the work for my MRes is hosted under my namespace here on OpenWetWare, and can be accessed here.

  • Bryanston School '04
  • Biology BSc. (hons), Imperial '08
Work & Publications
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