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Strain Parental strain Characteristics AB resistence Reference
TW1 DH5α supE44 ΔlacU169(Φ80lacZΔM15) hsdR17 recA1 gyrA96 no
TW2 DH5α pFH2102 amp
TW3 MG1655 ? no
TW4 CM735 metE46 trp-3,his-4,thi-1,galK2,lacY1 or lacZ4,mth-1, ara-9,tsx-3,ton-1,rpsL8 or p,supE44 - no [1]
TW5 DH5α pGEM-pyrB amp
TW6 DH5α pFH2102-pyrB (=ppyrB) amp
TW7 SG2221T pFH2102 amp [2]
TW8 MG1655 pyrB::Tn5 kan Transfered to MG1655 by P1 transduction from ME8359 (National BioResource Project E.coli Strain)
TW9 TW8 pyrB::Tn5 ppyrB kan, amp
TW10 TW8 pyrB::Tn5 pFH2102 (empty vector) kan, amp
TW11 TW3 (MG1655) ppyrB kan, amp
TW12 TW3 (MG1655) pFH2102 (empty vector) kan, amp

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