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Strain Parental strain Characteristics AB resistence Reference
TWx1 DH5α supE44 ΔlacU169(Φ80lacZΔM15) hsdR17 recA1 gyrA96 no
TWx2 DH5α pFH2102 amp
TWx3 MG1655 ? no
TWx4 CM735 metE46 trp-3,his-4,thi-1,galK2,lacY1 or lacZ4,mth-1, ara-9,tsx-3,ton-1,rpsL8 or p,supE44 - no [1]
TWx5 DH5α pGEM-pyrB amp
TWx6 DH5α pFH2102-pyrB (=ppyrB) amp
TWx7 SG2221T pFH2102 amp [2]
TWx8 MG1655 pyrB::Tn5 kan Transfered to MG1655 by P1 transduction from ME8359 (National BioResource Project E.coli Strain)
TWx9 TW8 pyrB::Tn5 ppyrB kan, amp
TWx10 TW8 pyrB::Tn5 pFH2102 (empty vector) kan, amp
TWx11 TW3 (MG1655) ppyrB kan, amp
TWx12 TW3 (MG1655) pFH2102 (empty vector) kan, amp
TWx16 KS0006 MG1655 Δdam no no
TWx17 MG1655 pGATC cm
TWx18 ALO1826 (box R41) amp
TWx19 ALO1829 (box R43) amp, cm

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