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'''Absorbance Spectra of Unknown'''
'''Absorbance Spectra of Unknown'''
[[Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_6.45.46_AM.png]]<br>
[[Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_7.07.13_AM.png]]<br>

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Finish up the lab from the previous day (9/3/13) by taking the UV- Vis spectrum of inosine and doing data analysis. From the data, a Grubb's test will be performed to determine the outliers. The concentration of the unknown sample will be determined ad the molar absorbtivity will also be determined from the class data.


The same procedure that was performed with adenosine will be performed with inosine. The procedure can be found here.


Inosine Abs Spectra


Inosine Calibration Curve

Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_6.13.30_AM.png

Class Data (pooled)

Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_6.57.56_AM.png

Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_6.31.40_AM.png

Abs mean and std dev (adenosine and inosine)

Absorbance Spectra of Unknown

Image: Screen_Shot_2013-10-05_at_7.07.13_AM.png


I made a stock solution of BSA today. Here is the info:

BSA solution 0.0104g BSA (MW = 66776g/mol) in 0.0100mL water → 15.6μM

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