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Magnetic Nanoparticles Day 6

  • Mag BSA-AuNPs were created and bubbled through with nitrogen
  • UV Vis was performed on the samples made in the previous lab

Create magnetic BSA-iron NPS

  1. Synthesize BSA- iron NPs into test tube that will contain a total of 5mL
  2. BSA- iron solution that has final ratio of 130:1
  3. Add 30 mM FeSO4*7H2O, 400 mM KOH, and 100 mM KNO3
  4. Water up to 5mL
  5. De-gas 130 ratio of hemoglobin- iron solution with nitrogen for 4 hrs at 90 degrees Celsius

Separately make Hemoglobin- AuNPs the same way as in steps 1-3 but instead of using nitrogen, put test tubes in incubator for 4 hrs at 80 degrees Celsius with ratios of:

  1. 125:1
  2. 130:1
  3. 135:1


Hemoglobin could not dissolve in water therefore PIs continued with BSA

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