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#Prepare BSA and Hemoglobin solutions in the petri dishes
#Prepare BSA and Hemoglobin solutions in the petri dishes
#Prepare smaples for XRD/ FTIR
#Prepare samples for XRD/ FTIR
==Sample Prep for Stock Solutions==
==Sample Prep for Stock Solutions==

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  1. Prepare BSA and Hemoglobin solutions in the petri dishes
  2. Prepare samples for XRD/ FTIR

Sample Prep for Stock Solutions

Table 1: BSA Stock Prep

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_4.12.08_AM.png

Table 2: FeSO4 Stock Prep

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_4.16.17_AM.png

Table 3: Hemoglobin Prep

Image:Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.12.28 AM.png

Table 4: KNO3 Prep

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_4.12.36_AM.png

Table 5: KOH Prep

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_4.12.43_AM.png

Table 6: Gold Prep

Image:  Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_4.12.51_AM.png

Sample Prep

Table 1: Mag: BSA Prep for petri dish

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_6.40.06_AM.png

Table 2: Mag: Hemoglobin Prep for petri dish

Image: Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_6.40.14_AM.png

Sample Prep for XRD/ FTIR Analysis

  1. Pipette 2 mL sample from petri dish (should contain ~1mL of nanoparticles)
  2. Add sample to clean and dry 10mL vial
  3. Place vials into fume hood and leave there until samples are completely dried

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