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Scrolling text that stops on mouse over, without JS

  • I wanted to combine JS with PHP to scroll text that is fetched from MySQL through PHP,but unfortunately, i found it hard to put JS and PHP together in scroll...
  • Finally found a solution from some net forum...that suggested this simple marquee tag...

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop();" onmouseout="this.start();">
Text to scroll goes here.....

  • This works great in IE and FF, not sure about other browsers.
  • kudos to anonymous net users for the tip.

Windows XP home wireless network-NETBIOS PROTOCOL SOLUTION

  • In my wireless home computer, the laptop was not connecting to the main computer. Was not able to browse the files.
  • SOLUTION that worked: adding "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatable Transport Protocol " to the network properties list.
  • Did this in both the computers....ITS WORKING NOW...

Search for a string and if present do something in excel

  • if(isnumber(search("*dog*",A1)),"dog","")

searches for "*dog*" in A1 and prints "dog" is "dog" is present in A1, otherwise none... Source: [1]

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