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====Convenient Links====
====Convenient Links====
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* [ Excel2wiki]
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Project Description/Abstract

“Towards insights into cyclic AMP compartmentalization in cell of lung origin” a cooperation between the department of Molecular Pharmacology (University Groningen, the Netherlands) and the Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (Berlin, Germany). These are the entries of a Master internship from February 'till September 2010.


Interesting entries



  1. Viability & ELISA
  2. Dose effect curve ELISA
  3. ELISA
  4. ELISA
  5. ..
  6. ELISA Berlin Okay
  1. Co-IP 1 Anouk
  2. Co-IP 2 Anouk
  3. Co-IP 3 Anouk
  4. Co-IP 4 TODO
RII Overlay
  1. ..
  2. RII overlay Okay

Convenient Links


Blanc for IL-8 ELISA (Linear regression)

Blanc for protein size on gel/membrane (non-Linear regression)

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