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RII overlay cAMP precipitation & ELISA Main project page
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  • RII overlay
    • Coating buffer for ELISA

Materials & Methods





  • Autoradiograph (ON exposure to phospho plate) of cAMP precipitation sizes shown are in kDa, calculated using non-Linear regression file for protein size on gel/membrane (found at starting page notebook)
  • Sample 5 is around the size of the RII unit (~55 kDa), the samples shown more to the righ (S0 samples) show the slope of the gel, where the band of 49 kDa should still be around the same hight as that of 53 kDa.


  • st-Ht31 was suspended in DMSO, a cytotoxic compound, this was not taken along with the control conditions and can actually not be compared with the control condition. Also these measurements can not be taken along with the previous measurements in which the st-Ht31 was suspended in a Tris buffer


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