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Stop stimulation: Protein and RNA/Protein isolation (2) Main project page
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  • All plates were washed twice with cold PBS
  • 12 plates (6 and 6) were lysed with RIPA as described 24Feb2010 for protein isolation
  • 2 platse (1 and 1) were lysed as described 8June2010 for RNA (and protein) isolation
    • RNA concentrations, see attachment
    • For protein isolation from the phenol/chloroform fraction the pellet obtained was mechanically disrupted using a pipette point
  • AT 22.00 ~ 22.30 cells of D9 P29 were put to S0, cells were less confluent (~90%) but this is believed to better then previous where cells let go of surface during washing and appeared to be dying.


Nanodrop of RNA concentrations

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