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"Limit Evaluation", inspired by an uneventful October, is on display in the Wiesner Art Gallery until February 22nd.


Sometimes, I get really irritated when I go shopping for food. I try to compare per unit prices to save some cash, but it never works. Shaw's is really bad about listing a price per pound for one item and a price per ounce for another. I can't compare two jars of spaghetti sauce if the measurements are in two different dimensions. How am I supposed to know how to convert weights to volumes as they pertain to sauce? Awful. yeem

Mike Yee Facts

  • Mike Yee once won a competitive eating contest and a swim meet at the same time.
  • Mike Yee invented wool.
  • After a long day of classes, Mike Yee enjoys knitting, archery, and saving busloads of orphans from careening off cliffs.
  • Mike Yee gets off at the third floor, but hopes to one day reach the tenth.
  • Mike Yee watches "Everybody Loves Raymond", because, well, that's just a damn good show.
  • Mike Yee is in BE.109 and BE.180
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