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Contact Info

Yen-Hsiang Wang (an artistic interpretation)
Yen-Hsiang Wang (an artistic interpretation)
  • Yen-Hsiang Wang 王彥襄
  • Stanford University
  • milkywang [at] stanford [dot] edu

I work in the Smolke Lab at Stanford University.


  • PhD student in Bioengineering, Stanford University
  • 2007 BS in Biology, National Taiwan University
  • 2007 BS in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University


<grad works>

<undergrad works>

  1. F-H. Lin, T. Witzel, W-T. Chang, W-K. Tsai, Y-H. Wang, W-J. Kuo, J. Belliveau, 2010, “K-space reconstruction of magnetic resonance inverse imaging (K-InI) of human visuomotor systems”, NeuroImage (49), pp. 3086-3098
  2. W-J. Kuo, T. Sjöström, Y-P. Chen, Y-H. Wang, C-Y. Huang, 2009, “Intuition and Deliberation: Two Systems for Strategizing in the Brain”, Science (324), no. 5926, pp. 519 – 522
  3. Y-Y. Shih, Y-H. Wang, C-W. Ko, H-W. Chung, 2005 “Lateralization of brain function in cognitive music processing of chord versus rhythm”, Proceedings of International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 13th Annual Meeting, Miami, USA

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