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{{Zrusso Biol 368}}
{{Zrusso Biol 368}}
<!--[[Template:Zrusso Biol 368]]-->
<!--[[Template:Zrusso Biol 368]]-->

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Contact Info

Zeb Russo (an artistic interpretation)
Zeb Russo (an artistic interpretation)

About Me

  1. I want to become a doctor and I just took the MCAT so I get my scores in a month!
  2. I love the great diversity of species and how there are always new discoveries almost every day
  3. I have taken or am currently taking Molecular Biology, Biological Databases, Biology of Mammals, Cell Biology, Microbial Genomics Lab



Biol 367

Zrusso week 7

Zrusso week 8

Zrusso Week 9


BIOL367/F10:Class Journal Week 7

BIOL367/F10:Class Journal Week 8

BIOL367/F10:Class Journal Week 9

Links for Biol 368

Biol 368 Homepage

Zeb Russo's Homepage

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Class Journal Week 7

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Assignment Pages

BIOL368/F11:Week 7

BIOL368/F11:Week 8

BIOL368/F11:Week 9

BIOL368/F11:Week 10

BIOL368/F11:Week 11

BIOL368/F11:Week 12

BIOL368/F11:Week 14

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