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  • Reshma 12:06, 26 November 2007 (CST): Hey Darek, welcome to OWW. Looks like you've been doing a ton of work to clean up and bring in new info on the Wikiomics pages. Looks great. One thing that might be useful to discuss is citation policy on OpenWetWare (and by extension on Wikiomics pages). OpenWetWare doesn't have a clear citation policy (beyond what is required by the Creative Common Attribution-Sharealike and GFDL licenses and the Special:Cite link on every regular article page under toolbox. It seems like the folks at Wikiomics gave more thought to this issue. Would you be interested in calling in to the next OWW steering committee meeting to talk about this more? (If you've already talked about this off-wiki with other folks, then never mind.)
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