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Welcome to the Wei He Lab wiki at OpenWetWare!

We are a young lab in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, and Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Our research effort is directed towards applying materials science & engineering to address critical interfacial issues encountered in neural engineering. In particular, we are focusing on two issues: the compatibility of implantable neural prostheses, and functional artificial graft to bridge nerve gaps. The multi-disciplinary nature of our research incorporates techniques from polymer synthesis, surface chemistry, to micro/nano fabrication, mammalian cell culture, and immunohistology.

Front row (from left) Yu (Matt) Cao, Emily Morin, Shuangcheng (Toby) Tang
Back row (from left) Chelsea Wilhoit, Lu Huang, Hannah Morris, Sam Goddard (Summer 2012)

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