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Wikiomics is a wiki about bioinformatics. Recently, it has been imported to OpenWetWare and the content of Wikiomics now resides here. You can still find the original Wikiomics wiki at

If you would like an account to edit any page on OpenWetWare (including Wikiomics pages), please request an account.

Mission statement of Wikiomics

Making the latest developments of bioinformatics effectively accessible to a larger public is our mission. Not only it is possible for everyone to edit the articles of Wikiomics, but we want everyone to feel comfortable in doing so. This is why Wikiomics is not part of any company or local organization and that the contents is distributed under a license that guarantees its perpetual openness.

Wikiomics is primarily a bioinformatics howto where experts from the bioinformatics community are encouraged to contribute.

List of Wikiomics pages on OpenWetWare

Recent changes of Wikiomics pages

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