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Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are held jointly with the Meyers lab. We meet Fridays at 1pm in MBB 3.204. You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Lab-meeting schedule, spring 2013

Date Speaker Notes
01/11 Viswanadham Sridhara
01/18 Sam (Meeting will be at noon!!) Claus out of town
01/25 Kelly Claus out of town
02/01 Stephanie
02/08 Amir Shahmoradi
02/15 Epidemiology journal club, Sam leading. Claus out of town
03/01 Art Covert & friends
03/08 Steve Bellan
03/15 Spring break
03/29 Jeffrey Gray Jeffrey is visiting from Johns Hopkins. He will talk about computational protein design and protein docking.
04/12 Stephanie
04/19 Eamon O'Dea
04/26 Eleisha Jackson
05/03 Rosalind Eggo
05/10 Dakota Derryberry
05/17 Michael Scherrer

Lab-meeting schedule, fall 2012

Date Speaker Notes
09-07 Sam S
09-28 Jose Luis Herrera "Models of social dynamics on coevolving networks" from 1:30 to 2:30 CDT in PAT 651
10-05 Jared Carlson-Stevermer The effects of Structured Populations on Local Adaptation
10-12 Dakota Derryberry
10-19 Amanda Perofsky
10-26 Marc Lipsitch
11-02 Kelly Pierce
11-09 Art Covert
11-16 Michael Scherrer
11-23 Thanksgiving break
11-30 Eamon
12-07 Eleisha

Lab-meeting schedule, summer 2012

Date Speaker Notes
06-15 Stephanie
06-22 Claus out of town, SMBE 2012
06-29 Art Covert
07-06 Austin
07-13 Dakota
07-20 Claus out of town, ALife 13
07-27 Dave McCandlish On the findability of genotypes
08-03 Max Shpak Demographic stochasticity induced by frequency-dependent selection
08-10 Matthew Tien
08-17 Rhoda Jiao and Blake Johnson Rates of Sign-Epistasis in Sexual Populations
08-24 Art Covert and Jared Carlson-Stevermer The Impact of Population Structure on Rugged Fitness Landscapes
08-31 Eamon

Lab-meeting schedule, spring 2012

Date Speaker Notes
01-20 Sasha
01-27 Kelly
02-17 Amanda
02-24 Stephanie
03-02 Thomas
03-09 Mike
03-16 Spring break, no lab meeting
03-23 Eamon
03-30 Art
04-06 No Claus, no speakers, no lab meeting
04-13 Tom
04-20 Roz
04-27 Matthew
05-04 Dakota
05-11 Mike
06-01 Zack Booth Simpson Zack presents appsoma.com, then Sasha gives a short talk on RSV

Lab meeting schedule, fall 2011

Date Research Food Papers Notes
08-26 Mike S.
09-02 Damien "Linking habitat characteristics, contact networks and disease transmission patterns in Verreaux's sifaka, Propithecus verreauxi verreauxi"
09-09 Lauren, Sam, Anu, Tom topic: DSHS software projects
09-16 round-robin format
09-23 Art "Testing Shifting Balance Theory with Digital Organisms"
09-30 Chang Hoon "Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Type B Receptor Subunit 1 Splicing is Chronic Alcohol Target in Human Brains"
10-07 Stephanie
10-14 Margaret Kosmala "Modeling Bovine Tuberculosis Spread in Lions in Kruger National Park"
10-21 Eamon E.O. will practice 15' talk for thesis committee meeting
10-28 Eamon "Estimating parameters for dynamic contact networks from HIV data"
11-01 Roz at 2 p.m., in PAT 141SA, "Waves of influenza in the presence of protective immunity: evidence from models of the 1918 pandemic in England"
11-04 Art Mike "Purifying Selection on RSA" (cont.)
11-11 Mike Austin "On signing up for lab meeting as a motivator to get data and make Claus happy." (cont.)
11-18 Austin Tom K.
11-25 Thanksgiving break, no lab meeting
12-02 Thomas K. Dakota It's a mystery!
12-09 Dakota Art
12-16 Jennifer Maynard "Design of antibody therapeutics to treat infectious disease"

Lab meeting schedule, summer 2011

Date Research Papers Notes
05-20 Chang Hoon "RNaseIII sequence bias during RNA-seq library construction"
06-03 Art Evolution practice talk.
06-10 Mike
06-17 Eamon Evolution Conference
06-24 Claus out of town
07-01 Tom K. July 4 weekend
07-08 Art This date is flexible for Art.
07-15 Round-Robin
07-22 Austin GRC-Microbial Pop. Bio.
07-29 Dakota
08-05 David M
08-12 Matthew Tien BEACON Congress
08-19 Sam Scarpino Talk for Influenza conference, special time of 11 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 18

Lab meeting schedule, spring 2011

Date Research Papers Notes
01-28 Raj
02-04 Mike
02-11 Ozgur
02-18 Eamon
02-25 Ozgur Claus out of town
03-04 Eamon Claus out of town
03-11 Claus out of town
03-18 Spring break
03-25 Art Paper talk, Woods et al, Science, 2011 [1]
04-01 Paper or research talk by John
04-08 Sam
04-15 Raj Claus out of town
04-22 Kelly
04-29 Art
05-06 Tom
05-13 Tom

Lab meeting schedule, fall 2010

Date Research Papers Notes
08-27 Damien Title: Disease dynamics in hierarchical contact networks.
09-03 Claus
09-10 Tom Topic: The EpiFire project.
09-17 Eamon
09-24 Mike S.
10-01 Art Covert Title: TBA
10-08 Thomas K.
10-15 Chaitanya Muralidhara
10-22 Kelly Claus out of town
10-29 Lei Shang (Gutell lab)
11-05 Rotation students
11-12 Cancelled
11-19 Cancelled
11-26 Thanksgiving break
12-03 Cancelled
12-10 Cancelled
12-17 Eamon O'Dea
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