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[[Workshop_icsb:Help | <font style="color:brown"> '''Contact''' </font>]]  
[[Workshop_icsb:Help | <font style="color:brown"> '''Contact''' </font>]]  
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Disease Modeling and Simulation Workshop

September 3, 2009,   13:30 - 18:00hrs

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In the past year, numerous success cases on the topic have been reported, industrial/academic alliances have been formed, and industrial investments have increased. The goal of the workshop is to further collaboration and education in the utilization of systems biology in treating diseases in metabolism, oncology, immunity and infection. This workshop thus provides a venue for the participants to present and discuss systems biology applications in disease modeling and simulation for elucidating the mechanisms and controls in disease manifestation for better treatment decisions. Additional speakers who are active participants in the practice will be invited to share the techniques, successes and considerations in disease modeling and simulation. A panel discussion will be organized for additional discussion.

The topics include, but not limited to: (can be added or deleted based on the presenters’ topics)

  1. Mathematical modeling of diseases and disease progression
  2. Model-aided approach to disease treatment, including identification of drug targets, drug dosage design, drug cocktail
  3. Challenges and future directions in the systems biology of diseases

Intended Audience

Participants who are interested in learning how systems biology methods are applied in disease treatment, and in discussing challenges and future of disease modeling and simulation

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